upvc french doors for sale - Winstar® UPVC profiles India

Winstar® UPVC profiles India

upvc french doors for sale

Every home has its own individual style and our UPVC French Doors  are available in many styles, including UPVC Cottage Doors. The whole range  has been designed for those looking for an attractive and practical  UPVC doors solution, at a brilliantly competitive price.




The advantage of our  UPVC french doors


All our uPVC front doors have been designed to reduce heat loss.

Sound Proof

Replacing a standard glazed door with our uPVC french Door introduces many features to keep your home away from noise. A double layer glazing design, unique multi-chamber profile, double draught-resistant seal and a 20mm Argon filled gap are only the start.


The multi-point stainless steel locking mechanism helps ensure they easily meet the British Standard for security. They also have a multi-point stainless steel locking system, are secured into the galvanised steel reinforcement frame, have high security hinges and any glass is internally beaded so it cannot be removed from the outside.

Maintence free

Our easy-to-clean uPVC external doors will never rot, rust, peel or flake, and even comes with the option of self-cleaning glass.

Coloer avilable:  Rosewood , walnut , rustic oak , golden oak , white , brown , coffee , grey .